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Canadian Biomass has the latest in biomass boiler technology available to Canadian customers.


Uniconfort公司生产199 kW到25 MW和50 kW到5 MW的生物质锅炉。生物质锅炉能够利用常规和非常规生物质。Uniconfort的焚化炉部成立于2016年。Uniconfort的北美代理是beloTEQ公司,总部设在魁北克。
Uniconfort produces biomass boilers from 199 kW to 25 MW and 50 kW to five MW. The biomass boilers work with conventional and non-conventional biomass. Uniconfort’s Incinerator Department founded in 2016. Uniconfort’s North America agent is beloTEQ, based in Quebec.


Hurst 锅炉焊接公司自1967年以来一直致力于气体、石油、煤、固体废物、木材、生物质、混合燃料蒸汽和热水锅炉的制造、设计、工程和服务。还精于生产模块化生物质锅炉系统。其锅炉设计(CRN注册认证)包括燃烧室、垂直无管、混合水/火管和水管。Hurst公司生产七种不同类型的生物质加煤机/气化炉,它们使用了2,000多种不同类型的生物质燃料。Hurst锅炉以其最高的标准、创新的工程和设计、能源之星评级以及可再生、可持续的绿色建筑设计和运营效率解决方案而闻名于世。
Hurst Boiler & Welding Company, Inc. has been manufacturing, designing, engineering and servicing gas, oil, coal, solid waste, wood, biomass and hybrid fuel-fired steam and hot water boilers since 1967. Also specialized in the manufacturing of modular biomass boiler systems, their boiler vessel designs (CRN registered) include firebox, vertical tubeless, hybrid water/ fire-tube, and water-tube. Hurst manufactures seven different types of biomass stoker/gasifiers, which have used 2,000 plus different types of biomass fuels. With installations across all industries worldwide, Hurst Boiler is recognized for the highest code standards, innovative engineering and design, Energy Star rating, and renewable, sustainable solutions for green building design and operational efficiency.


加拿大Saatotuli公司将芬兰saatotuli公司生物质燃烧技术和30多年的专业知识与加拿大制造的ASME压力容器和自动化箱相结合。加拿大Saatotuli的热水锅炉从682,000 BTU / hr(200 kW)到4,000,000 BTU / hr(1,200 kW),是小型热网、农业应用、城市和工业建筑采暖的理想选择。1,700,000BTU / hr(500kW)热风炉的耐用性、效率和通用性都是首屈一指的。它用于各种装置,如谷物干燥机、过程用热、建筑物用热和地下矿井用热。saatotuli所有的燃烧器都是使用木屑、颗粒以及其他固体生物质。燃烧器可适用于其他OEM应用。集成化的解决方案是将现有系统转换为生物质的最简单方法。
saatotuli Canada combines the Finnish saatotuli biomass-burning technology and 30-plus year know-how with Canadian-made ASME pressure-vessels and automation boxes. saatotuli Canada’s hot-water boilers from 682,000 BTU/hr (200 kW) to 4,000,000 BTU/hr (1,200 kW) are ideal for small heat-networks, agricultural applications, municipal and industrial-building heating. The 1,700,000 BTU/hr (500 kW) hot-air furnace is second to none for durability, efficiency and versatility. It is used for various applications like grain-dryers, process heat, building heating and underground mine heating. All saatotuli burners utilize woodchips and pellets, as well as other solid biomass. Burners can be adapted for other OEM applications. Containerized solutions are the easiest way to convert an existing system to biomass.

Jansen Combustion and Boiler Technologies, Inc. has served the biomass industry since 1976. Jansen specializes in improving the performance, capacity, reliability, and safety of industrial boilers that burn difficult fuels, such as biomass, refuse derived fuel, and pulping liquors. Over the years, Jansen has provided engineering evaluations of over 70 Canadian boilers and has carried out 15 boiler upgrade projects in Canada. Three biomass boiler combustion air system upgrade projects were completed in 2016 at the following locations: Harmac Pacific, Nanaimo, B.C.; Daishowa Marubeni, Peace River, Alta.; and West Fraser, Hinton, Alta.


Compte-Fournier offers customers access to all the experience and expertise of the group Compte.R. with more than 1,800 medium and large running installations in the world. The Compte-Fournier team designs, manufactures, builds, tests and provides support, on-site installation and maintenance. The company can also support buyers in all types of analysis required for their projects. Compte-Fournier boilers are manufactured in North America while respecting the technology and know-how of the company’s European partner. This assurance of performance, reliability and quality also rests on the vast and solid industrial experience of group Fournier.

6、Fink Machine

Fink Machine公司在过去17年里,完成了100台安装的锅炉,一直服务于大不列颠哥伦比亚省和其他省份以及美国。Fink Machine公司以最大的客户满意度成功完成了Viessmann木质生物质锅炉安装项目。该公司的专业技术浓缩了十年发展经验。Fink Machine公司的使命是通过提供可靠、有成本竞争力的清洁能源解决方案为客户节省成本。他们集咨询、设计、供应、安装以及交钥匙生物质系统为一体,与客户现有的运营无缝集成。
For over 17 years and 100 installed boilers, Fink Machine has been servicing B.C. and other provinces as well as installations in the U.S. Fink Machine has successfully completed Viessmann wood biomass boiler installation projects large and small with utmost customer satisfaction. The company’s expertise, honed by a decade of experience and dedication includes commercial, institutional facilities, and multi-million dollar industrial based developments. Fink Machine’s mission is to provide cost savings to customers by delivering reliable, cost competitive, clean energy solutions that maximize savings. They consult, design, supply, install and service a turnkey biomass system that can also integrate seamlessly with customer’s existing operations.


Viessmann公司在加拿大安装了超过60个生物质供热系统,生产高质量、高效和可靠的木材供热系统,输出512至4,268 MBH。Viessmann公司的Vitoflex 300-RF是一种旋转燃烧木柴锅炉,输出功率为512至1,843 MBH,是公共建筑、商业应用、新建筑和改造的理想选择。拥有先进的Viessmann专利燃烧技术,Vitoflex-RF锅炉能够实现最大的热传递和效率。精确控制的一次和二次进气确保CO(<10 ppm),NOx(<75 ppm)和灰尘颗粒(<0.06 lb / MMbtu)的超低排放。Vitoflex-RF也可作为预制的便携式解决方案,用于无法获得锅炉房屋或现场施工成本必须保持在最低限度的应用。该解决方案包括预安装的锅炉和所有安装在特殊的Viessmann能源站的外围设备。
With over 60 biomass heating systems installed in Canada, Viessmann manufacturers high-quality, efficient and reliable wood heating systems with outputs ranging from 512 to 4,268 MBH. The Vitoflex 300-RF from Viessmann is a rotating combustion wood-fired boiler with outputs of 512 to 1,843 MBH, making it ideal for apartment buildings, commercial applications, new buildings and retrofits. Featuring advanced Viessmann-patented combustion technology, the Vitoflex-RF boiler is able to achieve maximum heat transfer and efficiency. Precisely controlled primary and secondary air intake ensure ultra-low emissions of CO (<10 ppm), NOx (<75 ppm) and dust particles (<0.06 lb/MMbtu). The Vitoflex-RF is also available as a pre-fabricated portable solution for applications where housing for the boiler is not available or onsite construction costs must be kept to a minimum. This solution includes the pre-installed boiler and all peripheral equipment housed in a special Viessmann Energy Station.

The affordable and reliable Kedel pellet boiler is a fully automated heating appliance that offers 87 per cent efficiency and that can be fully monitored and adjusted from any computer or smartphone. It features a 30-year warranty and its use can result in savings of 20 to 60 per cent on heating costs as well as a carbon footprint reduction of as much as 90 per cent when replacing an oil appliance. This self-cleaning boiler is suitable for new construction or retrofits and can be installed in cascaded designs. Other features include an O2 sensor, 10:1 step-less modulation and a stainless steel burner, and the appliance is manufactured to ISO9001 standards.


KMW拥有35年的经验和130多个系统运行,具有为任何项目提供完整的生物质能源系统的专业知识。KMW提供定制生物质系统,生产用于发电的热水、热油、低压和高压蒸汽。锅炉的规模从100 HP到3500 HP,完整的发电厂的功率范围为250 kW至50 MWe。通过车间建造和测试所有设备,将建造成本和时间保持在最低限度。KMW的专利炉篦系统提供了极大的燃料灵活性,可使用低成本燃料(包括湿树皮、轧制污泥、生物固体和MSW)。最近的项目包括新斯科舍3.5MW热电联产厂,葡萄牙14MW发电厂,魁北克600HP蒸汽发电厂和新英格兰8.5MW热电联产厂。
With 35 years’ experience and over 130 systems in operation, KMW has the expertise to offer complete biomass energy systems for any project. KMW supplies custom biomass systems for the production of hot water, hot oil, low-pressure and high-pressure steam for power generation. Boilers range in size from 100 HP to 3,500 HP and complete power plants are available in the range of 250 kW to 50 MWe. Construction cost and time are kept to a minimum by shop building and testing all equipment. KMW’s patented grate system provides great fuel flexibility for utilization of low cost fuel including wet bark, mill sludge, bio solids, and MSW. Recent projects include a 3.5 MW CHP plant in Nova Scotia, 14 MW power plant in Portugal, 600 HP steam plant in Quebec and a 8.5 MW CHP plant in New England.


Ariterm公司是芬兰历史最悠久、规模最大的生物质锅炉制造商之一,从40 kW到3 MW。 三个系列的锅炉和四个燃烧器设计,允许根据客户的需求和燃料类型定制设计系统。所有系统可设计用高达50%木屑或木屑颗粒。标准功能包括自动点火、燃料供给和灰分提取,触摸屏面板控制和远程监控。控制面板在加拿大制造,所有组件来源于北美,并获得CSA认证。锅炉系统可以完全滑动安装或容纳在预制的锅炉房中。总部在加拿大的Ventek能源系统公司是Ariterm生物质锅炉公司在北美洲的代理。
Ariterm is one of Finland’s oldest and largest manufacturers of biomass boilers, ranging from 40 kW to 3 MW. Three series of boilers and four burner designs allow systems to be custom designed and tailored to individual client needs and fuel types. All systems can be designed for wood chips up to 50 per cent MC or wood pellets. Automatic ignition, fuel feed and ash extraction, touch screen panel controls and remote monitoring and are standard features. Control panels are manufactured in Canada with all North American sourced components, and bear CSA approval and certification. Boilers systems can be completely skid mounted or housed in a pre-manufactured boiler house. Ariterm Biomass boilers are represented and distributed throughout North America by B.C.-based Ventek Energy Systems Inc.


Wellons Canada和Wellons FEI是Wellons集团的子公司,为北美市场提供木材燃烧能源系统超过40年。Wellons集团供应阶梯式炉排或燃烧室技术的能量系统,具有全自动除灰的系统。设备包括使用热水、蒸汽或热流体用于过程和空间加热。Wellons还提供使用蒸汽轮机或有机朗肯循环(ORC)系统的生物质燃烧共生解决方案。Wellons还提供热气发生器以将能量输送到旋转干燥器,以干燥颗粒厂用的木纤维。
Wellons Canada and Wellons FEI are part of the Wellons Group of companies, supplying the North American market with wood fired energy systems for over 40 years. Wellons supplies energy systems using a stepped grate or combustion cell technologies with fully automatic ash-extraction systems. Applications include process and space heating using hot water, steam or thermal fluid. Wellons also offers biomass fired co-generation solutions using steam turbines or organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems. Wellons also provides hot gas generators to send energy to rotary dryers to dry wood fibre for pellet plants.


Hargassner加拿大公司是奥地利制造商Hargassner GmbH的加拿大分销商,负责进口和监督锅炉的安装,确保维护计划和客户服务达到高质量标准,在这方面Hargassner公司产品全球知名。Hargassner木片/颗粒锅炉采用生态搅拌器。锅炉节能高效、节省成本,并配有用于燃料质量检测的 Lambda 传感器。自动飘扬和灰输出,确保灰最终在单独的灰箱。带3G的Lambda-Hatronic数字控制确定设定温度。锅炉是全耐火材料内衬的高温燃烧室。
Hargassner Canada Est Inc., the Canadian distributor for the Austrian manufacturer Hargassner GmbH, imports and supervises the installation of the boilers and ensures that the maintenance program and customer services meet the high quality standards that Hargassner products are known for worldwide. Hargassner wood chip/pellet boilers are built with ECO-agitators for room extraction. The boilers are energy efficient and cost saving, and are built with Lambda sensors for fuel-quality detection. Automatic fly and grate ash transport ensures ash ends up in a single ash box. Lambda-Hatronic digital control with 3G determines the set temperature. The boilers are fully refractory lined high-temperature combustion chambers.


Krann生物质锅炉使用专有的气化炉作为其热源。加热系统包括燃料储存、气化炉、锅炉,排灰和排气,并且是完全自动化的。它产生非常少的颗粒物排放,带有无烟气清洁装置,减少颗粒在传热表面上聚集,从而最小化设备停机和清洁。该系统的热输出范围从1 MW到12 MW,可用于锅炉(蒸汽,水)、热油加热器、干燥、热电联产等,作为传统木材燃烧器有成本效益的替代品。它可以处理各种各样的含水分和灰分燃料。
Krann biomass boiler uses a proprietary gasifier/furnace as its heat source. The heating system includes fuel storage, gasifier/furnace, boiler, ash discharge and exhaust and is fully automated. It produces very low particulate emissions with typically no flue gas cleaning equipment, reduces the tendency of particle accumulation on heat transfer surfaces thus minimizing equipment shutdowns and cleaning. The system ranges from 1 MW to 12 MW of heat output and can be used for boilers (steam, water), hot oil heaters, drying, CHP, etc., as a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood burners. It can handle a wide range of moisture and ash content fuels.


Outotec’s multi-fuel bubbling fluidized bed boilers and advanced staged gasifiers offer fuel flexibility, which ensures users don’t have to depend on a single fuel supplier and enables them to take advantage of seasonal fuels. The technologies are ideally suited to challenging fuel sources due to their superior operating characteristics and emissions performance. Outotec’s unique solution for thermal oxidation combines a refractory lined fluidized bed combustor, in-vessel heat transfer tubes and a proprietary bed-material cleaning and recirculation system, ensuring reliable operation with varying fuel qualities. Outotec’s ability to combine these features allows users to use a broad spectrum of fuels, taking advantage of the changing fuel markets.

15、Evergreen BioHeat

Evergreen BioHeat有限公司是Fr?lingGmbH生物质能源系统公司的加拿大分销商,是住宅、商业和公共机构先进生物质供热系统的领导者。产品包括木屑颗粒、木片等,从7 kW到1,000 kW。所有产品均通过加拿大标准认证,包括ASME,并符合最严格的排放标准。完整的系统包括进料系统、生物质锅炉、自动化控制和现代化和高效供热系统所需的所有辅助设备。Evergreen还提供大型机构设施的合同管理。
Evergreen BioHeat Ltd. is the Canadian distributor of Fr?ling GmbH biomass energy systems, a leader in state-of-the-art biomass heating systems for residential, commercial and institutional sectors. Products include wood pellets, wood chips and cord wood systems from 7 kW to 1,000 kW. All products are certified to Canadian standards including ASME, and conform to the strictest emissions standards. Complete systems include feed systems, biomass boiler, automated controls and all ancillary equipment required for modern and highly efficient heating systems. Evergreen also offers contracts for larger institutional installations.

16、Smart Heating Technology

Smart Heating Technology公司,一家领先的欧洲生物质锅炉制造商,提供高效的93-95%多燃料自动生物质锅炉,包括智能移动舱(Smart Mobile Cabin) - 即插即用解决方案(Plug & Play Solutions)。锅炉燃烧木屑、木屑颗粒或其他材料。
Smart Heating Technology, a leading European biomass boiler manufacturer, offers highly efficient 93-95 per cent multi-fuel automatic biomass boilers, including the Smart Mobile Cabin – Plug & Play Solutions. The boilers burn wood chips, wood pellets or other materials.